Emilio Gallo

Textile industrialist, explorer and mountaineer, Emilio Gallo was a keen amateur photographer. He created his album Album del Biellese in 1891 and shortly afterwards began to take part in photographic exhibitions in Turin, in 1893 and 1900, Groningen, 1893, Hamburg and Berlin, 1895, where he won an award. He accompanied Vittorio Sella on his expedition to the Caucasus in 1896, where he too produced extensive reportage. In 1910 he assisted with the organisation of the mountain photography competition, launched by the TCI in collaboration with the Biella Section of the CAI. He promoted various surveys and publications about the Biellese such as “Photoreportage Biellese” in 1921 and Il Biellese, a tourist guide published by the National Transport Company, F.lli Gondrand. The documentation preserved at the Foundation consists of photographs of the Alps and the Biellese area.