Quintino Sella

The archive preserves the papers relative to the versatile figure of Quintino Sella (1827-1884) who was a statesman, scientist and cultural promoter. The documentation is divided into various series: the Scientific Work series containing his studies on mineralogy, crystallography and paleography; the series Politics, Letters received, Private correspondence Finance Ministry 1864/1865, Private correspondence Finance Ministry 1869/1873, Commissioner of the King in Udine nel 1866The series Academy of the Lincei, the cultural institution of which he was chairman from 1874 until his death, contains papers referring to his work as cultural promoter. There is also a variety of documents including numerous letters from scientists and members of the Academy which are organised in chronological and alphabetical order.

The Originaria series preserves various parchments from 1228 to 1566 – collected by Quintino Sella, or donated to him by experts for them to be deposited at the Historic Archive of the Biellese which was being set up at the time, a project that was interrupted by his death – as well as diplomas and honours conferred on him.

Documentary archive 

Chronological details: 1839 – 1884

Contents: 206 bundles

Biographical information: Quintino Sella