Erminio Sella

The archive preserves the papers of Erminio Sella (1865-1984), son of Giuseppe Venanzio and Clementina Mosca Riatel, engineer. They are organised in the following reference series : Personal papers, Travels, Patrimonial papers, Letter books and Letters received.
The Patrimonial papers series contains documents relative to the “Sella & Mosca” company,  which he founded 1899 with his cousin Edgardo Mosca, with the reclamation of the area “I  Piani” and the removal of blocks of sandstone, trachyte and limestone.
The Viaggi series includes the documentation relative to Erminio’s climbs and expeditions in Alaska, Caucasus, Sikkim, India, Jamaica and Trinidad.

The archive also contains photographs, especially concerning Erminio’s travels to the United States in 1898, to India in 1899 and Central America to Trinidad and Tobago, Panama, Colombia and Venezuela, in 1902.

Documentary archive 

Chronological details: 1874 – 1939

Contents: 63 bundles, 3 boxes