Carlo Sella

The archive preserves the papers relative to Carlo Sella (1855-1936), son of Giuseppe Venanzio and Clementina Mosca Riatel. The papers are organised in the following reference series: Personal papers, Letter books, Agriculture, Correspondence, Business and Important papers, patrimonial papers ,Carlo Sella Company.

The Business series contains the balance sheets and inventories of the “Carlo Sella” company from 1921 to 1931, the cash-books of the firm and those of the “Maurizio Sella” firm, with production and balance figures.

On account of the sudden death of his father, Carlo interrupted his studies in 1876 and took over the management of the Wool Mill which he managed continuously until the Nineteen Thirties. In the early years he was assisted by his uncle Quintino Sella, who had considerable influence over him as well as over Giuseppe Venanzio’s other sons: Carlo accompanied him on several mountain climbs and was advised by him on the occasion of the weavers’ strikes at the Wool Mill in 1878. From 1880 he was in charge of the construction of the Lanificio Maurizio Sella factory in Tollegno, where in 1898 he installed a combed spinnning mill which became autonomous in 1900 under the company title “Società Anonima Filatura di Tollegno”,  with the Sella family still the major shareholder. In 1886 he co – founded with his brothers and cousins the “Gaudenzio Sella & C.” bank. He was chairman and then councillor of the “Società Anonima Idroelettrica Italiana” based in the Valtellina from which he took example, becoming promoter of the hydro – electric power stations of La Balma and Tollegno.

Documentary archive

Chronological details:  1850 – 1934

Contents: 104 letter books, 156 bundles, 70 registers, 5 boxes

Biographical information: Carlo Sella